Phone Booth COVID-19 Sample Collection

Phone Booth COVID-19 Sample collection Centre is a unique, low cost and portable sample collection unit for COVID-19 sample collection. It ensures safety of Health workers while collecting sample from suspected patient. It is very easy to assemble and can be taken to different locations for testing. As the name mentioned the structure is just like a Phone booth consisting of a small cubical for the health worker with COVID-19 sample collecting kit. The whole structure costs for Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000.
This is basically a structure that will ensure:
1. Utmost safety from infection for health personnel collecting sample.
2. Faster, effective and efficient sample collection especially in Covid-19 Hot Spots 
and Border check points.
3. Physical safety for staff from unruly crowd/quarantined people
4. Total elimination/Reduction in a big way the requirement of PPEs/Masks/Gloves/etc. 
Saving Crores of rupees for the govt.
5. Easy mobility by mounting it on a vehicle and ensure sample collection 
anytime anywhere especially in suspected clusters and avoid incidents like Indore.
6. That it would not scare away the public from testing with the scary PPE kits on health personnel and make it an easy task for all.
7. Reduction in the number of health personnel required for sample collection.
8. The principle of social distancing is strictly followed.
9. Incorporation of binary method of group sample collection, being followed in Germany, to reduce the consumption of already scarce testing kits by more than half.
10. Above all it costs only 20000 rupees ($300) and only a day to make it saving hundreds of crores to the govt. exchequer and crucial time for us in this tragic time today.
With the pandemic that has groped the entire world expanding its reach, it is
crucial that testing is increased so that the number of patients can be contained well within stipulated time.With the concept of static and mobile phone booth testing, help and diagnosis can reach to more and more people in less time and in a budget friendly way, so that we are best prepared to fight the Covid-19.

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