Muktangan: Quality Education for Life

The Muktangan initiative began in 2003 in a small classroom of an existing MCGM school building. Its objective; to provide a quality English – medium school education program to local, under-served communities in and around Mumbai’s G – South Ward. 

While, at the time English Medium schools were available, they seemed inaccessible to the children from these working-class communities due to high fees. Parents also found the education provided by these schools to be theoretical in nature and to lack any ability to prepare their children for practical life or a globalized job market. 
Muktangan’s Founder Elizabeth Mehta, being a veteran educationist, was well aware of these prevalent gaps in mainstream education and empathized with the communities need for a more holistic education. 

Believing in the potential that lay within the communities themselves, the initiative drew on members, mostly women, with few opportunities for economic independence and a passion to see the children of their communities succeed; and empowered them to become educators capable of delivering a free, learner-friendly, developmentally supportive schooling program. 

16 years later, Muktangan’s seven schools and integrated teacher education center act as labs for action research and innovation in classroom strategy, facilitating the development of well-rounded learning experiences for students and teachers alike. The education model, based on active-constructivism, engages learners and encourages them to…

  • Participate in classroom discussions
  • Explore concepts introduced, contextualize them to everyday life 
  • And understand how to practically implement what they learn
The model’s interdisciplinary approach supported by a seamless integration of curricular (Academic) and co-curricular (non-academic) content allows learners to unlock their true individual potential, empowering them to be adaptive, empathetic, thinking and contributing members of a 21st century global society. 

Through our schools alone, we annually deliver quality education to 3700 plus children and have, so far, developed more than 800 educators (teachers, faculty and school leaders). Muktangan’s model and methods are now being studied for further scale to the mainstream. 

Some of the teaching – learning processes from our early years’ and elementary education programs have already been implemented in Balwadis/Anganwadis and Zilla Parishad (ZP) schools in other rural and urban areas of Maharashtra benefiting 1000s of on-field educators and students. 

We are also in the process of building user-friendly Education Tools allowing educators and parents alike to adapt Muktangan’s methods, independently to various learning contexts. To know more about us visit our website and/or follow us @ngomuktangan on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. 

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