Meet 2 Teens on their Journey to Empower Youth

If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
If I am only for myself, what am I?
If not now, then when? – Hillel

Inspired by this saying, Aniket Gupta & Seher Taneja started their journey to inspire & engage youth for leadership through direct participation in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations from IDEAS TO ACTION. Started “Tale of Humankind” as an initiative of Global Changemakers Foundation envisioned with values of Inclusion to consider all perspectives equally, Integrity to honor the best in ourselves and others, Inspiration to move people to believe in better, Innovation to make a difference, differently & Impact to create change that matters.
People often say that “Youth has the power to change the world” but they do not let a child interact with the outside world. The irony exists because there are societal limitations of the domain of Education and prefer well-filled minds more than well-formed minds. The latter thus gets demotivated and the scope of the growth of creativity, imagination and curiosity reduced.

Aniket and Seher collaborated with Educators & School Leaders all around the world to integrate Global Goals in the Classroom in impactful & engaging ways. Till now, they have also organised Twitter conversations, “Post- COVID Educational Pedagogies” & “Connecting Classrooms Globally” moderated by eminent educationists & Torch Bearers of Technology. With a focus on inclusiveness, they hosted a conversation #Stigma2Strength” to Destigmatize Menstruation in Classroom to empower women.

Their 30-days project #OurRightsCampaign” to create awareness about 30 Human Rights in their language that is vital for creating a culture of human rights reached thousands of people. To make Positive Psychology, a household term & Mental Health, a positive term in society especially in times of COVID, they presented a series of 7 movies themed on “Youth For Mental Health” featuring responses to most pressing questions related to Mental Health by Experts & Youth Advocates, in support of #SameHere Global Movement. They also host a Podcast Show to bring together powerful voices on the issues that matter to today’s youth & have released 5 episodes by now, listened by over a lakh of people.

Aniket’s initiative Indian Science and Technology Campaign is focused on moving from ideas to action & to make the world a better place by investing in the power of youth and enabling them with resources, mentorship, and support, that can change the world. This will enable the youth to be sustainable, creative, and innovative.

This initiative reached over a hundred governments & private schools to conduct workshops on “Youth Entrepreneurship for SDGs” & organized Vigyan Manch Programs that seek students to come up with innovative solutions for Global Goals. They strongly believe that every child has immense power &  just needs a tap that can unleash potential for empowering them to become changemakers.

Our Education System is developed for masses but every kid is so different & if we don’t have resources to individualize the educational curriculum, then we are pushing kids through a funnel that may not fit them. The idea of the child’s growth halt was something they became worried about & they started writing their journey to empower the youth to explore, impact, create, move from ideas to action & do what they love. They are visioned to create a world where everyone is really a changemaker.

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