Magic Poshan

Our story begins with one balcony, a cold night breeze, glistening stars, and 3 bowls of steaming Maggi. 



We were spending just another night of the community lockdown together, and we drifted into conversations about school, university and our lives. Naturally, we came around to talking about the pandemic and how it had taken away things we had looked forward to the most this year – whether it was starting university, going back to university, or just meeting the people we hadn’t seen for a long while. We sighed, ended this fruitless discussion, and joked “at least we get to enjoy our bowls of Maggi!” 


That’s when it clicked: Do the 400 students of our neighbourhood government school also have access to steaming bowls of food? How are they including nutrition in their meals at home during the lockdown? 


As we started with just the three of us, a passion for food, and will to provide, we ran a pilot with 40 children to assess what would be preferred by the children. After a 3-day newspaper drive, creating packages, countless WhatsApp messages, and calls, and final deliveries we ran our successful pilot with 40 children! 



With the feedback we received, we sent word out to our community for donations and were overwhelmed by the positive response. Word not only spread across the city but India and around the world. Because of these generous donations we’ve collected around 2 lakhs and are able to supply over 800 kids – more than double of what we’ve anticipated!


We now aim to provide essential nutrition to all 400 in need, especially in times of a pandemic. We believe we can spread magic through health and nutrition!

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