Little drops make the mighty ocean

In the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown ,which has severely affected the underprivileged families, Milaap, a centrally allocated fund, was started by Teach for India (TFI) fellows working in around 7 cities in order to  help the families of their students to get ration, rent payment money and other supplies. TFI fellows usually work in schools where students come from a marginalized and underprivileged background. Despite govt order to suspend the payment of rent, landlords have been adamant on taking their payment. Slow outreach of ration and lax in implementation of other govt regulations has been another problem.

Due to slow outreach of Milaap funds to MKT slum area, few TFI fellows of Sarvodaya kanya vidyala, magazine road, MKT had started an initiative to ensure direct outreach to the MKT slum as they were in dire need of basic things like ration. They are targeting around 147 families out of which few are heavily impacted. 18 families are not reachable as of now. The remaining money would be sent to Milaap funds. This initiative has brought about a very positive response and they are now able to help at least few families with the basics like ration and rent money.

In order to strengthen this movement and bring about a change in these underprivileged people’s life, join these fellows and leave your own little impact. Transparency would be ensured by sending screenshots and other relevant details. There is nothing like a lower or upper limit. Any sort of contribution would be appreciated.

In order to leave your imprint on these people’s life by contributing do reach out to Pratyay Malakar (+918972506203, 8637558095)

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