Launch of iDream Learning App – A free mobile app for Government School students to continue their learning in the times of Corona Lockdown

In these times of lockdown, our government school students unfortunately do not have any relevant sources of learning and entertainment. They are facing an urgent need for an in-home digital learning supplement through which they can continue their learning and do not miss out on the academic cycle, while being safe inside their homes. 

At iDream Education, our vision is to facilitate enjoyable digital learning to all learners in the language they understand best. Aligned with our vision, we have launched iDream Learning App – a free mobile app specially designed for government school students and local language learners. 

The app offers enjoyable digital content for all classes from 1st to 12th and in all major subjects including Math, EVS, Science, Social Sciences, Commerce, Computers and English. 

It currently has digital content in English/Hindi medium and several local languages including Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali aligned as per CBSE and all major state boards. 

Various types of academic and skill building content is offered on the app as below:

  • Animated videos lessons in all subjects for Classes 1st to 12th for concept building
  • Project making videos in Math & Science to make experiments and toys using material easily available at home
  • A very rich digital book library with Stories, poems, inspirational, moral value books and much more
  • Videos on Life skills like health, hygiene, sanitation for personal growth
As our country grapples with such a challenging situation, iDream Learning App hopes to empower our students especially the local language learners with the best of digital learning tools without any compromises on the safety and health of our children. 
We look forward to collaborating with NGOs, CSR, Foundations and State Government who align with our vision of taking local language digital learning directly into the hands of our students. 
We request you to please search for iDream Learning App on Google Play Store, download the app, review it and get in touch with us to jointly work towards this shared vision. 
And to know more about us, please visit us at 
And here’s some more information about the app if you had like to go deeper:

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