Kathalaya: Stories for the teens

All children in the country and globally are currently out of school due to the COVID situation. With uncertain times ahead for them, there is a need to engage their time creatively. Most parents are working from home and they too are looking for ideas to keep the children meaningfully engaged. 
Since April 12, 2020, Anaadi Foundation (www.anaadi.org) has been offering story-telling and value-oriented online sessions – “Kathalaya” for children in the age group of 12-17. This is Anaadi Foundation’s 5th batch of Kathalaya and children from countries across the world including USA, Australia and New Zealand have been part of the program.

These sessions expose children to a variety of topics through stories. Blending activities, music, stories and science the sessions expose the children to

  • Stories with values of kindness, compassion, courage, perseverance and qualities needed for students
  • Astronomy lessons through high-end software and daily night sky observation activity
  • Ecological awareness and exposure to natural and chemical free alternatives to day-to-day products that we use. Awareness of reducing carbon footprint is also discussed
  • Daily healthy diet plan, time management skills and Yoga is integrated into the program.  

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