* Initiative: – See the unique initiative of Adarsh Baghima Primary School and Tikait Ganj, how the quality education was done in rural areas with online education, seeing the enthusiasm of the children, the teacher gave the phone recharge.

Jashpurnagar. While schools were also locked during lock down, teachers in Adarsh Baghima Primary School and Tikaitganj Primary School took unique initiative and started successful operation of online classes. In Baghima, the team did better on the initiative of Principal Teacher Mrs. Seema Gupta, while Tikaitganj teacher Meenu Sinha also took the important step in online education.

    Presently, children are being taught through WhatsApp under school from home in all schools. In which teachers of government primary school, Baghima are also engaged.The school is also English Medium and Adarsh School. But there was a hurdle in this task.Parents did not have a smartphone and manypeople do not even have an ordinary phone, soit was very difficult to do this task. But theteachers of Baghima decided to do the work.Principal teacher Mrs. Seema Gupta went to the village one day and talked to two of herstudents studying in the village and told them how during this time she can do better work for the progress of the village and for the education of children. After listening to theirteacher, both the girls started whole heartedly teaching the children and sharing their pictures and videos through WhatsApp. Due to which most of the children of the whole school started taking advantage of this scheme. Due to this, Mrs. Seema Gupta impressed Kumari Ritika Bhagat and Kumari Ankita Bhagat herself. Also recharge the phone so that they do not face any problem in sharing photos and videos. Both the students follow the social distance both in the morning and in the evening, teaching children. The Sarpanch of the village, Mrs. Parvati Bhagat, the chairperson of the school management committee, Mrs. Seema Lakra and the cook of the school, Mrs. Kusum, are also supporting all the teachers Mr. Ravi Kumar Gupta, Mr. Alan Sahu, Mrs. Tarika Weaver Mrs. Manisha Patel Try to teach children in a way and despite school closure, they keep in touch with the eyelids by phone, Because most children are able to take advantage of this scheme.

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