Inculcating 21st-century Skills in Students

JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon says “ India has unbelievable skills but needs to train people for jobs of the future”

To revolutionize education and impart 21st-century skills among students, the students and alumni of IIT Delhi started an initiative named Intellify with a prime motto of rethinking and innovating the learning methodologies. We are able to assist and inculcate skills in 50+ cities, with over 15000 students from Private and Govt. schools across the country.

We focus on a skill-based assessment of students with proven methodologies and leveraging the data to devise policy and tech-based solutions for states to improve the lacking areas by conducting International science and creativity Olympiad. Program not only includes the assessment but also focuses on issues holistically, hence providing the solutions as well to improve the lacking areas.  

This Olympiad is designed to assess the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and help to measure General Intellectual Functioning and Creativity Quotient with a unique methodology. It is also a way to promote the skill-based assessment and equip the students with essential skills among students for global competitiveness. 
We imbibe students with 21st-century skills with a focus to design and innovate for students who are deprived of skill-based activities in their schools are encouraged to learn and create new designs and transform the ideas into reality by Bootcamps. 

Students are encouraged to work together to build toys from the trash, CAD Modelling, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, basic coding practices and circuitry etc. Product dissection is taught to the students to use this concept to invent new products. Some mechanical experts are present to help the students to learn the principles and apply them to real-life problems. The students come up with a variety of products like a fire alarm, door alarm etc during the Bootcamp. Fun sessions are also organized where students get a chance to showcase their talents like singing, poetry, mimicry etc.

We inculcate problem-solving skills to identify and do the root cause analysis of the problems in our society and prepare students to propose a further solution which would be beneficial for society and the student itself by conducting workshops at school, irrespective of regular classroom learning. 

We are providing an E-portal and doubt-solving platform which contains content for practice, sample papers, skill-based questions, activities, workshops and thorough analysis which would benefit the students to magnify their classroom learning. It would also be beneficial to appear in PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) in which India would be participating in 2021. This would create a sustainable impact on underprivileged kids. We believe that by collaborating with CBSE, we would be able to help them in school to non-school environments, evaluating their choices, making decisions and in bringing a positive change in their lives.

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