Immunity Booster by Forest Department to Frontline Police

Ferozepur forest division is providing immunity booster herbal drink/ concoction to police staff in Moga district of Punjab  free of cost as per guidelines of Ministry of Ayush so that the frontline workers are physically fully equipped to tackle  all the challenges of Covid 19, specially at a time when no vaccine is available. The idea is to provide a refreshment which gives a small break to the forces to refresh their minds and fosters their immunity as well.

The ingredients are some of our forest produces like Arjuna tree bark, Giloy herb , Tulsi etc. Rest of the ingredients include Ginger , Cloves , Turmeric, Black pepper, etc.
Daily around 30 litres of herbal drink is being made by our staff and SHG (women Self help groups )workers and distributed to people working on the  ground.The idea is to provide a refreshing drink to give the frontline police and other workers  which not only rejuvenates them but also provide with age old Ayurveda solutions.
Kanwardeep Singh, IFS( Indian Forest Service)
DFO ,Ferozepur, Punjab .

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