Human Connect – Milestone Achievement Mantra for Millennial!

Human Connect – Milestone Achievement Mantra for Millennial!

When world is working with services for millenials they often think a primarily digital approach is required. Actually to connect with this generations, human touch is required that is indispensable as it always has been for generations of human beings.

Millenials are happy when they feel connected to the Humans around, maybe it is at home, workplace, society or study ground.

 “Nobody is an island and we all need each other to survive!”

Today’s “multiplex” relationships, friendships & networks are closely linked to significant rise in self productivity & engagement in daily lives.

Millenials are emerging as the most empathetic and emotionally nature generations. With time they are turning that empathetic and community focussed attitude towards work itself and helping dream up new ways to do it.

According to the poll conducted by PGI, there will be soon 80 million millennial in the workforce out of which 70% of those millennial want the people they work with to function as a sort of second family. They need social “workplaces”

   Connections Don’t Just Happen!

When humans gather in a group or get social – weird things happen – “Diffusion of responsibility”. Millenials aren’t people-phobic as they are assumed to be. According to “Mattersight Corporations” recent survey of over 1000 millenials, many in this age group actually prefer person-to-person interactions over digital options in most situations. It allows them to have more meaningful conversations. This tends towards personal efficiency & satisfaction.

Millenials rely heavily on their parents when venturing into unknown purchasing territory, because they crave certainty and they are grown up with human touch, assurance & care. They rely on their teachers, faculties more when they choose a subject or apply for a job. They feel the guidance and emotions of being guided well with an experience and evaluation. Perhaps millennials and younger generations will be paying with bitcoins, but they still be making purchase decisions offline.

I always advice my youths, “Disconnect (Digital) to connect (Humans)”. It is needed on daily basis at home, at work place, at college, at social circle, personal activity time with friends, etc.

Offline experiences are truly “Extraordinary”, with short communication, a helping hand and excellent smile with sense of belongingness. How about simply asking millennials to reach out – and – talk to you?

Let’s Talk! Let’s be Empathetic! Let’s connect in person!

Article Author/Writer Rajni Julka   Educationist/Pedagogist/KeynoteSpeaker/Curriculum Strategist cum Advisor/Life Coach Director – UrSoulSoup “MyLifeICare” @copyrigh

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