HPPI organises orientation webinar on online education for 9 DIETs in Madhya Pradesh

Due to the ongoing lockdowns and closure of schools and colleges, digital learning has emerged as the only alternative to continue imparting education. HPPI’s Necessary Teacher Training Programme (NeTT), which is being implemented in 13 District Institutes of Education and Training (DIETs) across India, trains students to become quality primary school teacher who can withstand any challenge and help school students drive their own learning process.
Recently, in a state review meeting in Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Lokesh Jatav, Commissioner, Rajya Shiksha Kendra (RSK), appreciated HPPI’s NeTT Programme in MP, especially commending the work done by the project team in continuing teacher training via digital means during the lockdown period. The NeTT Programme is currently implemented in three DIETs of MP – Barwani, Ujjain and Umaria. Subsequently, it was requested that HPPI NeTT staff train the teaching staff from nine DIETs –Ujjain, Bhopal, Indore, Mandsaur, Sagar, Gwalior, Khandwa, Rewa, and Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh in conducting online classes.
HPPI teacher-educators initially organised an orientation webinar on June 23 for the faculty members, including principals, of the 9 selected DIETs. Deputy Director, RSK and Head of Curriculum, and Pre-Service Education Branch in-charge, RSK also participated in this session. The main objective of this webinar was to introduce the staff, the plan for the following weeks and a snippet of the 44 sessions that were to follow via online classes in the month of July. 
Following the orientation webinar, four demo classes were conducted between July 1-4 to familiarise the student-teachers and faculty members from the 9 DIETs with the technology and the software used. Starting July 6, 44 virtual class sessions based on the NeTT curriculum and pedagogy are being organised by the HPPI staff, following it is expected that the DIET faculty members will independently conduct classes with their respective students.
HPPI NeTT teacher-educators, as part of these virtual education sessions, are also providing student-teachers with study tasks which are available online on Google Drive and can be accessed for self-study. 
The NeTT Pedagogy puts a student in the driver’s seat of his/her own learning and during this lockdown, it is helping them take charge of their learning and making them equally responsible as their teachers to finish their training on time. 
More than 12,000 teachers have graduated under the NeTT Programme across states of India since it was first implemented in 2009 in Chhattisgarh. The Programme currently runs in in 14 government-run teacher training institutes across five states of India, namely, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh.

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