Who knew that just yoga training could empower a little girl to aspire and achieve what she had never dreamt of? A government school student, daughter to a BPL family with father as a daily wage worker goes on to become a champion, exemplifying the unrealistic paradigm of hope for hundreds like her. Such is the story of K. Srujana Pujitha studying in Government Residential School in the small village of Thanam, located in Andhra Pradesh.

A narrative of hope and aspiration, the acceleration to her untouched talent has been the protagonist of this success story. An academically average student, with reasonable health but minimal expectations, made her maiden encounter with yoga in 2016. Despite Pujitha’s interest in the form, for a long time she couldn’t find an avenue to exercise it. Studying in a residency school, her inadequate outdoor exposure couldn’t translate her interest into aspiration.

A certified yoga trainer engaged by NTPC Simhadri changed the narrative for her uninspired tale. She began training regularly and diligently. With discipline in action and precision in training, her energy and aptitude were accurately channelized in the direction for excellence. She began learning at the age of 10 and in 3 years now stands at the brink of a national feat that will secure her future. Provision of aids and financial assistance further gave the liberty to experience uninterrupted guidance and development that otherwise stood as hurdles. Having developed much affinity for the practice, yoga soon became an indivisible element of her life. Internalizing the art, her academic and health quotients saw a positive leap. With increasing appetites, stamina and greater concentration, she was elated to express how she is now a top ranker in her class. 

From securing the silver medal in Nellore State Level Competition in 2018, to a gold in Karnool State Level in 2019 and bronze in Visakhapatnam District Level, she became the first girl in her district to ever be selected for an International Yoga Event conducted in Chandigarh in 2018. With a league of achievements tailing her, she is undergoing relentless training for an imminent national victory, one that will assure her a government job in the future and absolute financial stability for her entire family. And it is her skills, carved with meticulous training guiding her and her family to a long-term secured sustenance.

As daily wage workers, her parents identify themselves with her accomplishments and gleam with pride and sentiments witnessing unfamiliar contentment. Despite financial constraints limiting their scope to be live spectators to her shows, they derive immense pleasure in having their daughter travel the country for her competitions and express immense gratitude to NTPC for creating such financial possibility. More so, ambition actualization has led them to involving their younger daughter in the art as well. 

What she has led is not a solitary tale of unexpected accomplishment but a domino of aspiration and excellence. Such ray of possibility for a girl from that community is a sturdy pillar for many to build their hopes on. With pouncing success, now over 4000 students are under the mentorship of Shri. Ch Anjaneyulu with an overwhelming response. Multiple students have been regularly acing the performances at District and State Level Competitions and participating in national level as well. 

Clearing the path for countless dreams to be realized, NTPC Simhadri has been sponsoring yoga suits, equipments, mats, travel expenditure and most significantly ensuring uninterrupted commendable training to school students across multiple villages in Parawada Mandal. NTPC CSR support has propelled an undiscovered purpose for thousands of girls who from being regular students have become advocates of art and discipline, and empowered individuals who will have the confidence to pursue what seemed like a distant dream in all spheres of life

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