How a School Principal’s Initiatives are Changing the face of the Morning Assemblies

My house happens to be located at the back of a government school in Sector-4, Gurugram. From last 13 years, I have been listening to their morning assemblies. Since last year, I could sense the difference. The learners of government school conducting the assembly independently. They conduct the assembly in English language and a part of the assembly is also conducted in some of the regional languages. The assemblies have an inspiring theme such as honesty, hard work, self discipline, value of being truthful, sarv dharam sambhav etc. Regularly one of the educator gives them guidance on one or the other life skills.

This change has been brought by the Principal of this school who has been transferred to this branch last year. I have heard her speaking regularly in the assembly. Neither I know her name, now i have seen her but I have been a silent witness of the difference she is bringing in. I wish to meet her soon and congratulate her for all her positive efforts. 

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