I am neither a politician ..nor a supporter of any particular political party..I am a teacher.

That’s why I am concerned about the rampant corruption in India. India’s place is quite high in the Corruption Index.


Let us take a pledge today on teachers day to cleanse our own mind, get above petty politics, bullying and manipulations which are the results of unhealthy competition, hunger for power, degraded values and extreme jealousy towards the honest, hardworking, sincere and qualified people. If we the educators don’t upgrade ourselve with a pollution and manipulation free mind, we will never be able to attain the success over the ugliest of crimes that plague the society like regionalism, bullying, crime against woman, poverty, gender discrimination, nepotism, groupism, lobbying, bribery etc. We will never be able to impart actual education to our Students, Children and Society. This is one of the main reason that India is still among one of the third world countries even after 72 years of Independece( We celebrated 73rd Independence Day recently)


We are the teachers. And only we can do it. AND WE WILL.

By the way for us every day is a teachers day including holidays as WE ARE TEACHERS.

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