“GO TO THE PEOPLE” (MIPUI HNENAH KAL RAWH) – a citizen centric initiative in the remote hills of Mizoram

Problem Faced 
In Thenzawl sub division, villages are very remotely located from the sub divisional head quarters. Hence, people face a lot of problems in coming to the head quarter and availing the services. The sheer distance discourages some of them to even undertake the journey. Hence, the idea was to reach out to the people by taking government services to them.


The main objective of this initiative is to reach out people of Thenzawl subdivision at their doorsteps, explain government programmes and its benefits to the people and ensure timely delivery of services to eligible beneficiaries, redressal their problems and queries in a smooth and citizen-friendly manner and provides on the spot solutions, on the same day, without any delay, wherever possible. It helps in infusing greater transparency and accountability in the administration towards the citizens. It also gives the citizens a direct access and interface with the officers who are the face of the administration. 

Under this initiative, the people availed an array of services which include issue of tribal, income, residence certificate, Aadhar enrolment service, free health check-up with medicine, free laboratory facility to test Scrub Typhus, Typhoid, Urine R/E, RBS, HB%, opening of bank account/PMJDY, Financial literacy awareness programme and other banking services, assistance to farmers under Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture Department, awareness campaign and beneficiary selection by Agriculture Department, Horticulture Department and power and electricity department and awareness campaign about child friendly corner at police station and tourist police by police department.

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