From Determination to Innovation.

In the small town of Manikonda, in Telangana, three determined students – Sultan, Rustam, and
Ramu, were bringing about a significant transformation. Even though the town lacked state-of-the-
art infrastructure, advanced technology, or the internet, they had a strong will to succeed. These
young students of Zilla Parishad High School lived by the motto, “Where there is a will, there is a

In a world where not everyone has access to a good education, Sultan, Rustam, and Ramu were
becoming symbols of change. Thanks to Learning Links Foundation’s e-Gyanshakti program,
supported by Dell, these young minds would inspire generations in this age of digital progress. This
program is dedicated to significant positive transformations in schools and communities, ensuring
modern technology in schools and preparing teachers, students, and the community to be future
ready. By integrating technology into learning, these initiatives focus on developing school systems,
training teachers, and preparing students for the digital age, thereby enriching communities through

Living in Manikonda, Sultan, Rustam, and Ramu noticed that many people in their community were
afraid to use gas cylinders because of the risks of gas leaks. To address this concern, the three
friends came up with a smart solution. They created a device that could be attached to gas cylinders.
This device had a special sensor that could detect gas leaks and immediately send alerts. It also
turned on exhaust fans and turned off other appliances to keep everyone safe. Their innovation
amazed everyone at the STEM fair in Hyderabad, where it was showcased. Not only did it impress
the crowd, but it also earned them a spot among the top 10 entries in the competition, putting
Manikonda’s young inventors in the spotlight.
Sultan, Rustam, and Ramu’s journey, starting from their school to the STEM fair spotlight, shows
their determination and creativity. Faced with a common problem, their solution has the potential to

give hope and make a difference in their community. Their device, created to make life safer for
people in Manikonda, serves as an example for others. The e-Gyanshakti program played an
important role in empowering Sultan, Rustam, and Ramu. It helped bridge the gap in access to
quality education and technological resources.

Their story reminds us that with determination, challenges can turn into opportunities, fears into
solutions, and dreams into reality. In Manikonda, their story continues to inspire and guide future

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