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What is “Nexus of Good”?

It is a movement to bring around good people to identify, understand, appreciate, replicate and scale good work that is being done in the society as a whole. The idea is to evolve an alternative narrative to the negativity that is becoming all pervasive in the social media and other mediums of communication. Such negativity is impacting the thoughts and actions of a large number of people, specially the impressionable young minds.

How did it start?

Realising the necessity of creating a platform for promoting the Nexus of Good, a Twitter Handle, @nexusofgood was created in April 2018. The idea was to use this platform to host and propagate positive stories. Hundreds of positive stories have been hosted so far and the platform has attracted decent traction with more than 8000 followers till March 2020. The number is growing by the day.

To read a background note on Nexus of Good Foundation work and the recent events, please go through this document on this link.

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In order to help people become a part of Nexus of Good movement without becoming a donor, we have initiated a way to become a friend of NOG.

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