Empowering NGO girls with STEM Education

In a country where female education is not given much importance, there are NGOs which not only take care of basic education of girls who are socially and economically backward, but also make sure that they get support over and above it to help them in life.

When Shweta from Angel Xpress Foundation approached me for STEM education of the girls, I was more then happy to conduct sessions for them. The procedure to start the session did not take long. We planned a 3-month session for these girls based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

These girls from NGO did not have any experience even with the laptop. We made a curriculum that can help them in maximum way. These girls have surprised us in many ways. They are quick learners. They not only grasped programming quickly, but also mastered the electronic components and circuit making quickly.

BotLab emphasizes on practical learning and project-based teaching. We are not just teaching the technical skills set but inculcating the attitude for Innovation in these girls. The focus is on developing the problem-solving and critical thinking skills through experimentation. 

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