#EdChatIND – Connecting Educators during Lockdown

The world always talks about skill development for students but seldom do they talk about development program for teachers to acquaint them with the necessary skills to teach and preach to the young learners. 
Things have changed and the pandemic has given an opportunity to the educator community to apprise them of various pedagogical tools and provide engaging experience to their students. In this regard, we came up with a platform on Twitter called #EdChatIND. The aim of this platform is to connect educators of India with educators from around the globe by conducting ‘tweet meets’ on various educational topics and trends for the teacher community. The platform enabled the educators to understand the various aspects of education during this pandemic. Some of our topics were Remote Learning- need of the hour, Creativity and Collaboration in Online Classroom, Gamification- the new pedagogical tool and Conducting Online Assessment to name a few. We have conducted 11 tweet meets till date where Indian educators along with International educators came on board as moderators, hosts and participants. 
During these meets, we were approached by an Edtech company (based out of Hyderabad) who wanted to help us conduct webinars for teachers in Hyderabad and Telangana. We contacted our PLN (Professional Learning Network) and launched #NoLockdown4Learning webinar series. Some of the topics were- ideas to remove fear of mathematics, integrating music into teaching and role of teachers in developing passionate set of students. We ran the series for one week and on an average had 170-200 teachers participating in the session. With the success of season 1, we launched season 2 which also received the same support and encouragement. 
In between Season 1 and Season 2 of webinar series, we ran a training program on Minecraft (in association with Osmaina University School of education). Educators from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Hyderabad participated in this training program and those who submitted assignments based on the tool Minecraft received a certificate of completion. 
We strongly believe that if a teacher has the necessary skills, he /she can create wonders even in the four walls of a classroom. We as an organization are trying to help educators by apprising them to various trends for betterment of their own teaching pedagogy.
Kaushal Sen
Founder #EdChatIND

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