Econiture: Turning plastic waste into eco-friendly furniture

It’s a story of a startup by four friends who thought of exploring the ways to change the mindset and uprise the ways to tackle plastic waste in our daily lives. In 2017, these youngsters from Amravati, Maharashtra, pitched in Rs 5 lakh each to build a venture that aimed to minimise the amount of plastic waste produced in the country.

It all started while Madhur N Rathi was an MBA student and attending a conference on waste management. Soon after college, he brought in Roshan Pidiyar, Bhushan Boob and Ashish Modak to put together Recycle Bell Private Limited – a company that collects plastic waste from different sites and industries, segregates them and sells the material to recyclers to make daily use products.

Two years later, they decided to launch a company that does all of this independently. Thus was born Econiture. The brand now sells furniture and home decor, wholly made from recycled plastic.

To date, about 5000 kg of plastic has been recycled to make multiple products like chairs, stools, racks, stands, shelves, pots, benches and tables. Econiture sells all these goods through e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Saryu Homes.

“Most of us use products from recycled plastic for an eco-friendly life, but very few know that these same recycled products can be recycled after years. Our brand Econiture’s products are an example of it,” says Madhur.

The company has 50 employees and 60 per cent of them are women. Together, they have converted over 1400 metric tonnes of dry waste into recycling.

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