Disinfection Chamber

As disinfection is highly recommended on entering high-risk areas; walk-in disinfection chambers can be installed in such areas to enable full body disinfection and decontamination. This innovative system comes with many advantages, including very less consumption of water and disinfectant, up to 15 times compared to a traditional spray disinfection system. It sanitizes the whole body in only 30 seconds thus proving to be extremely beneficial for health-care workers. The whole structure costs around Rs.25,000.

This is basically a structure that will ensure: 
1. Utmost safety from infection for health personnel working in hospitals and having regular contact with various persons. 
2. Faster, effective and efficient process to disinfect a body. 
3. Physical safety for staff from unruly crowd/quarantined people. 
4. Do not need help of any other person in this process. 
5. Takes only 30 second to complete the disinfection process. 
6. Sanitizer will be easily available in market hence there will be no shortage of sanitizer. 
7. No side-effects. 
8. Very handy and can be used by any health professional. 
9. At a time only one person can use this chamber hence, the principle of social distancing is strictly followed. 
10. Costs only around Rs. 25,000.
Health-care workers are on the front line of COVID-19 outbreak response and are the most exposed to risk of infection. In this contagious health crisis, body disinfection is very important and needs to be adopted in hospitals as well as high-risk areas. Understanding the need of the hour, West Singhbhum District Administration developed a disinfection chamber especially for health-care professionals and others at risk. The whole structure costs around Rs.25,000. It disinfects the whole body in only 30 seconds and is easy to install. In this way, the disinfection and sanitization issue can be tackled in an easy, innovative and cost-effective way. 

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