Digitalise Learning, Digitalise Safety

Digitalise Learning, Digitalise Safety

Digital Zeitgist!!! 

It all started with apple. 

Adam and Eve faced the repercussion of eating it, but it made Newton revolutionise the whole ethereal occlude.

Clearly, the buck stops with the behaviour and situation.

And so the life!!!

Inspired by the words : Intrigued by Nidhi’s voyage into mineral exploration? on the page:,

it really gives my goosebumps that I am one of those lucky people who are doing that what interests them the most!!!

Born and brought-up in upper middle class family, white-collar job always fascinated me.  In white-collar job, with the advancement in technology, the life gets more sinecure, but with DEADLINES!!! 

Pun intended!

I carried the same thought as I grew. But the turning point came when I opted Chemical Engineering. The thought refracted, but it reflected when I entered in 3rd year of my college, the time when one has to give direction to his/her career. The facepalm situation came when I got I interested in offshore drilling.

I put my heart and soul, and successfully landed an internship at NCAOR, Goa. The thrill of core and exuberance of Goa were at their peak. The tickets were booked in April and I was all set to delve into Arabian Sea as much as possible.

The internship started on 16th May, 2016. And had wonderful 50 days of learning!!!

But the worm of learning did not stop here. I successfully landed another internship at Unilever R&D, Bangalore. Not only I played with E.coli & S.aureus but adopted the Safety in all my actions.

My passion of exploring and safety brought me to Hindustan Zinc Limited, Vedanta Resources Limited. Started as a Graduate Engineer Trainee with mineral benefication project, I swam through all the 3 zones viz. Mine, Smelter & Refinery. Driving Asset Optimization Framework gave the clear picture of Process Optimization & Reliability Centred Maintenance. 

But, digitalisation is the only way out possible to achieve 100% Process safety management.

The venture into World Business Dialogue, Cologne, Germany (Feb,2019) brought in a lot of experience!!

Google Workshop Business Model with Jessica Schmeiss & Vitra Workshop gave a lot of insight into Idea Generation with a holistic focus on Artificial Intelligence & Story Telling, respectively.


The 3 main highlights were:

Shinjini Kundu with 2 Engineering Degree from Stanford; Kai-Peter Rath, Director of Communications, McKinsey & Hubert Bath, CEO – E&Y, Germany.

What else could have I asked, when all the three aspects were covered: Engineering Control with Artificial Intelligence, Management & Communication and Financing&Investment.

The conference was a great push to bring in more development and foster learning in society. 22nd World Business Dialogue truly served its purpose!!

Food for Thought: When OK Google can sensitize your mind, then why can’t it sensitize our mines





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