Development of villages

Huge amount  is being spent  for providing basic amenities to public in ever growing  Indian cities. There is no end to it  and it will continue as long as  city population go on increasing . In spite of  excellent efforts of the government  , quality public health cannot be guaranteed .Where as  in  villages very good quality of life can be established  with  comparatively very less amount of  expenditure and in very short period of time. Here is how.

  1. Construct a four lane ring road   around  the village with proper drainage , avenue plantation of  fruit bearing / medicinal and other useful trees. And connect this ring road to the near by State/ National highway.The expenditure may be recovered through  collecting toll tax on near by State/ National highway. By this – a)  good communication by road will be established . b) villagers can these roads for morning walk ( good & healthy life style  in a clean environment  will bring up in  villagers ).
  2. The ring road be constructed leaving sufficient space  in the inner side of the road  for construction of a service road and  space for future expansion of the village  . 
  3. In the outer side of the ring road all other useful infrastructure to support sustainable economic growth and for good quality education , sports, health care, animal husbandry , administration buildings etc. can be provided.
  4. The Acquisition  of  land  having width of 100mtrs – 200mtrs  all along the periphery of the village would be sufficient. 

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