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Ayush Bansal, the Founder of iDreamCareer for a person is with great vision, determination, focus and humility. He is a new age entrepreneur, innovative and someone who leads by example. Ayush is a passionate leader and loved by his team of highly dedicated & talented individuals who love to work with new challenges and always wanting to push for bigger goals.
The Mission
The need to help young people find the right fit career in an unbiased manner was something that Ayush encountered at the age of 17, when he guided a domestic helper to get back to education. He realized that there was so much confusion and misinformation about choosing careers. Leaving his lucrative career in investment banking at 22, he founded iDreamCareer. As he continued working with hundreds of students, he realized the need for having a standardized process, from product & content to uniformly equipped and trained counselors. Today, IDC (iDreamCareer) has trained nearly 700 counselors through classroom-based training, webinars and continuous knowledge inputs. The counseling community that has been built through IDC is truly remarkable and rewarding. If a counselor has a query, then expertise from other counselors is immediately shared so that a student has the best information he/she may need. Having like-minded people engaging together is a very unique feature that IDC has created.
Fulfilling some Dreams & Finding New Ones
Today, iDreamCareer is one of the largest unbiased career counseling venture in India. It continuously caters to more than 2.5 million students every year and is working with State Governments including Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka & more. It has also tied up with international agencies (UNICEF, UNDP, Central Square Foundation etc.), private schools and non-profit organizations (Magic Bus, Miracle Foundation, Hero Group etc.) to provide career guidance and help students plan their careers.
The Psychometric Assessment Tool helps in mapping a students Aptitude, Interest and Personality traits so that they can help find the best-suited career option for that student. The IDC assessment tool is currently offered in English & Hindi (online) and English, Hindi, Gujarati, Telegu, Kannada & Marathi (offline). The content & database that is available for the students is highly impressive having 460+ careers, 25,500 specialization tracks, 17,000+ colleges, more than a 1000 entrance exam details and nearly 1000-scholarship information.
The dream is to reach out to as many students as possible irrespective of their socio-economic background and location. iDreamCareer under the helm of Ayush Bansal is fulfilling that dream and tirelessly striving to bring happiness and direction to lakhs of students.
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