It was a bright sunny day of 15th May 2020,as usual i was out on my Scooty to get the groceries,i returned home and again was going out just as i reached down my mom and my sister came out in the corridor and murmured “Pappanche,Report Positive Ahe”.Yes,he was infected positive of Covid-19.

I rushed upstairs with alot of anxiety in my head.The first 10 minutes of hearing about the reports were very depressing,there was a wave of unrest and disturbance amongsts us.Within few minutes we started getting calls from the BMC officials that they’ll send an ambulance and get him to the CHC.It took almost 8 hrs for the BMC to send the ambulance.From there he was shifted to Guru Nanak Hospital Bandra and was put under observation of thé medics. It was investigated that being on duty working relentlessly in nakabandis,night patrollings he got contracted to the virus.On 23rd May he was discharged from the hospital he is doing great now he’s fit and healthy.Doctors advised him to stay home quarantined for more 7 days.These 8 days made me understand that-

1)Life is uncertain.

2)Family is our real treasure.

3)Troubles come without calling.

in picture- Vilas Sawant,Head Constable,Mumai Police.

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