Covid Heroes of the Day from Chennai: Mom and daughter cook free meals for patients

Deshna Krupa and her mom Ahalya from Chennai have been cooking free meals for Covid-19 patients who are quarantined at home. They also customise the meals according to the patient’s wish.

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us to be dependent on each other. From running errands to cooking meals for neighbour and strangers, people across the country have been stepping up to help others. Today’s Covid heroes are Deshna Krupa and her mother Ahalya from Chennai. For the past two weeks, the mom-daughter duo has been lending a helping hand to fellow citizens.


On April 19, Deshna Krupa took to Twitter to put up a post saying she is willing to cook free meals and run errands for people living in Anna Nagar who are quarantined. The tweet received a lot of attention from people across the city.

Deshna said, “I live in a joint family of 14 people. Last year, 10 of my family members had tested positive for the novel coronavirus. So, I know how difficult it is to have Covid-19 positive people at their home. So, when I saw a lot of people contracting the virus, I thought I should help people.”

Deshna has completed her second year of B.Com at a college in Chennai. “My semester exams got over recently. So, I have two months at my disposal. I thought I might put my time to good use and help people,” she said.


As of now, Deshna and her Ahalya are not charging for food. “We had more requests when we opened it to the whole of Chennai. As of now, we are not charging for food. What we buy for our family, we cook for others with it. But, in future, if there are more requests, I can handle that too. A few people said that they are ready to sponsor meals for people,” she said.

Deshna revealed that she went and received 50 disposable boxes to pack the food. She has been sending food via Dunzo and Swiggy Genie.

Deshna has a word of advice to people during the pandemic. She said, “A lot of people feel bad for not being able to help people. But it’s totally alright. Take care of yourselves first and when you are perfectly okay to help, you do whatever you can.”

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