Contactless vegetable sale in Ujjain – An initiative of Ujjain Municipal Corporation

In view of the lockdown, Ujjain municipal corporation has tied up with vegetable vendors to provide home delivery of vegetables to the citizens of Ujjain. 
The conventional system of vegetable vending in the city by farmers is done by bringing their vegetables to the mandi in the City, where auction takes place and then the vegetable vendors ply in the City. This process of auction involves the use of thela, which has considerable risk of spreading the infection.
Ujjain municipal corporation has tied up with vendors which bring vegetables from their select farmers from outside the city. Each world in the city has been allotted 1 or 2 loader vehicles. The number of the driver and the nodal officer has been shared in public for the people to contact them for home delivery.
In order to minimize the exchange of currency, the vegetable vendors have been trained in using digital platforms like Bhim App or Paytm to make digital payments.
In addition, vegetable vendors are also being pursued use cloth bags instead of plastic bags.
The price of a vegetable basket has been fixed at Rs 50 and Rs 100 with no loose vending allowed. This has been done to ensure that the customers and the vendors touch the vegetables to the minimum extent and the risk of spread of infection is minimized. Each vendor has also been given a sanitizer and advisory to use the sanitizer frequently, at the time of vending and and the time of making of vegetable packets.

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