Children’s Intelligence


Children’s cognitive abilities – their ability to perform mental operations, to pay attention, to remember and to communicate about what they have learned – are sources of great anxiety for many parents who may wonder whether their children are developing normally. For this reason, we spend the next sections of this document talking about intelligence. intelligence categorised into  three different stages.


There are three types of intelligence 1.Intelligent Quotient (IQ)

2.Emotional Quotient (EQ)

3.Social Quotient (SQ)


1. Intelligent Quotient which helps one to know book, solve mathematics;  Remember things and remember the subject.


 2. Emotional quotes enable one to maintain peace with others;  Time live;  be in charge of;  be honest;  Boundaries of respect;  Be polite, genuine and thoughtful.  


3. Social Quotient enables people to form network of friends and maintain them for longer.  People who have higher EQ and SQ tend to progress further in life than those with higher EQ and lower EQ and SQ.  Most schools capitalize on improving IQ levels while EQ and SQ are played down.  A person of high IQ may be employed by a person of high EQ and SQ, even if he has an average IQ.  Your EQ represents your character;  Your SQ represents your fame.  Give in to habits that will improve these three Qs but especially your EQ and SQ.  EQ and SQ enable one to better manage the other.  Pls not only teach children to be IQ but also to be EQ and SQ.  


Now there is a new paradigm  on it


4. The Advancement Quotient (AQ): one that makes people go through a difficult patch in life and comes out without losing their centers.  The AQ determines who will give up in times of challenges, who abandons their family or who contemplates suicide.  For parents, they should expose children to other areas of life than just academics.  They should prefer manual work (which should never be used as punishment), sports and art.  Develop their EQ, SQ and AQ.  They must become multipurpose and well-rounded human beings capable of working independently of their parents.  Finally, do not prepare the road for children.  Prepare children for the road.  


Friends life is full of beauty and happiness  but we have to be change our way of seeing it and enjoying it. So live life today with your full passion and gave your 100 percent to all your effort  to your work, keep smiling make smiling and keep transforming. 

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