Better Math Learning Levels Despite Poor Infrastructure

“In states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan, despite poor infrastructure,
Niti Aayog recently released their report on School Education Quality Index and across classes and subjects southern states topped in test scores. 

For Classes 3 and 5, Karnataka was the top state when it came to Math, while in Class 8 it came second. Clearly, something is working in Karnataka. The Karnataka state government had made a commitment to bring in an activity-based programme for math called Ganitha Kalika Andolana (GKA) in 2014. Till the academic year 2018-19, all government primary schools across 12 districts of Karnataka benefited from this programme and this academic year onwards every single government primary school in Karnataka will have this programme implemented.

GKA has been conceived, developed and supported by Akshara Foundation and we are happy to see government school teachers deliver commendable results from this effort. 

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