Best Practices followed in primary education

Best Practices
Our vision at Dr Shamrao Kalmadi Primary school is “To be a joyful learning community nurturing creativity for a sustainable future”.  We believe in providing learner centric education and have always taken the changing needs of students and technological advancements in our stride, providing the latest and best facilities for our students.
As part of our Disciplinary measures we follow the practice of Manan, which is a multi faith prayer to spread Universal Love and Respect towards all religions. Children say this every day everyday along with multilingual songs to respect all the languages as well. Children also practice meditation after recess in school. To ensure that they stay hydrated and drink enough water at regular intervals we have introduced water bell after every two periods.
We believe that discipline brings stability and structure into a person’s life. It promotes good human behavior and a bettersociety for everyone to live. Wepractice FNTL at the end of the day which helps children to get disciplined and become independent. FTNL stands for 
FIRST-Keep your books and pencil box in the bag. 
NEXT-Check your shelves. 
THEN – Quickly clean up your class. 
LAST– Stand up straight for Vande Mataram. 
Activities like games and exercises are conducted to channelize energy of some students before beginning of the school as part of Energy Channelizing Program. Action Research through Nurturing Talent Program was a 2 years project that had an excellent outcome. As part of this program students from 2 categories i.e above and below average were selected. Classes for Maths and English were conducted before and after school. We realized that children understood their concepts for these subjects in a better way with this one to one guidance or personal attention that they received.
To encourage Language enhancement skills we celebrate different language days in our school. Children perform various activities like skit, recite poems to explain the importance of Marathi and Hindi bhasha. We also hold ShishuGeet Competition which has a theme of different language every year. Last year we had a theme of “Rabindra Sangeet” so all the songs were in Bengali language. 
As part of our Interdisciplinary approach we have Swarvigyan, aprogram aimed exclusively at explaining the science behind various musical instruments. This program is a very good example of co-relation with other subjects as well as students, teachers and artist. 
Kaushal is a skill building school exhibition that is organised with an aim to make students self-reliant and boost their self- confidence. Skills like fine motor, visual- motor skills, spatial relations, abstract thinking, creative thinking, numerical ability, linguistic skills and speed and accuracy are aimed to develop. Along with these skills, children also learn values like co-operation, co-ordination and taking up responsibility through this hand on experience. Children learn about making products, estimating the cost and marketing the products. The amount collected through this exhibition is donated for a noble cause. We have also contributed our bit towards the society by adopting a village.
Our motto “create – collaborate – construct” has really been achieved as the students, teachers and parents come together to make this dream become a reality! Through this exhibition, parents and teachers have given children, roots to grow and wings to fly!
Value education in schools plays a major part in a child’s life. Value based education can shape their future and add purpose to their life.Imparting values has been the most important part of our school. This is carried out in various methods like having one value every month, relatingto important  day/event, dramatization of moral based stories, Chintan – Stories by teachers  andstudents. Values displayed in classrooms like having a Value Bulletin Board,keeping the school premises clean and many such more ways.
At our school various activities are carried out to provide Social Awareness to students like visit to old age home , celebrating Gratitude Day to show gratitude towards rickshaw/van kaka, helpers and our security guards,  visit to Police station and keeping the school premises clean and many such actives. 
With equal focus on academics and holistic development of our students, our Primary Section guides and encourages students to be assertive and excel in all spheres of life.

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