An IPS Officer Lends His Helping Hand to Northeasterners Living Outside Their Region

Special Commissioner Robin Hibu of Delhi Police is known for always rushing to help people of the Northeast who find themselves in distress in the capital. Not confining himself to the boundaries of Delhi, he even lends a helping hand to northeasterners who face problems in other states also. He does this through his network of contacts, as several of his friends and colleagues are sitting in responsible administrative positions all over the country. 

It can be said that Mr. Hibu’s name is as good as a northeast helpline. He receives cries for help from different corners of Delhi as well as the country, and he attends to all the distress calls and helps to the best of his capacity. 

The 1993-batch AGMUT cadre IPS officer launched his now-famous organization called, Helping Hands, in the year 2016. The organization addresses the problems of young men and women from the northeast region suffering any form of ill-treatment at the hands of people or social media due to their race or appearance.

Not even a week into the new year, and Mr. Hibu has already helped several women from the region who were duped and left to fend for themselves in the capital city and other states.

There are other instances where Mr. Hibu has actively helped victims. He helped transport the body of a woman back to her village to fulfill her last wish to be buried there, as her family was going through a financial crunch and couldn’t do it.

In another instance, he helped a woman who was living together and had a secret wedding with a man who claimed to live in Dubai and was here for some work. After exploiting her for 5 years, he went back to Dubai with a promise to return but never showed up. Mr. Hibu is assisting the girl now and a lawyer has been appointed to her case.

In such big or small ways, Mr. Hibu has been helping the northeastern people living in Delhi and in other parts of the country find help when they were all alone and lost in a city, far away from their families and relatives.

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