An Auto Driver Driving all the way to Help & Support

Auto drives driving patients to give them life
Auto drives driving patients to give them life

We know that the COVID-19 situation is alarming, not only because of he rising number of patients but because the health infrastructure has collapsed. It is scary to imagine that the coronavirus situation in India continues to remain grim.

With such increasing number of deaths and system failure, the citizens are directionless and therefore require heroes who have the grit to help in any way they can.

One such hero is an Auto driver in Bhopal who has converted his Auto into an ambulance and takes patients to hospitals for free. He says that he was not aware of the griming situation, but when he saw the news, he realized he cant keep sitting at home and expect things to get better, and therefore decided to take his small yet impactful step.

It is not a usual step to take for an auto driver like Javed since he didn’t have the resources, but because he had decided to serve, he arranged the resources by taking support of his wife and sold her jewelry to get the equipment required in an ambulance. He queues up outside a refill center & gets oxygen for his ‘Auto Ambulance’. His contact number is available on social media. People can call him up if there’s no ambulance. “I have been doing this for 15-20 days now & have taken 9 serious patients to hospital”, says Javed Khan.

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