Adversities made this Chhattisgarh’s IAS, a glimpse of hope for more than 50,000 families

His own struggle to get his Caste Certificate made during the school days, wandering from door to door of government offices followed by the lengthy procedure and complex documentation for a Certification which is his birth right. This young boy then and therewith got determined to put an end to this struggle and vexation for the cross-section of common people someday, and do something for making this procedure as simple and convenient as possible at his own behest.
The boy is now an IAS Officer, Mr. Vinit Nandanwar, Collector of Dantewada District of Chhattisgarh who came up with the unique initiative “Jati Praman-patra Tuhar Dwar Yojna”. The Program aims at simplifying the process of getting one’s caste certificates made. Under this ambitious and innovative scheme, caste certificates of as many as 52,000 children have been made in a hassle free manner in the naxal-affected districts of Bastar region and were delivered, right to their schools or homes.

Vinit Nandanwar, Collector of Dantewada District, says that he was born in Jagdalpur in Bastar itself. He recounts that during his childhood he had to face many hardships in getting his caste certificate made. That’s why, after he became an IAS, he made sure that no one in his district had to suffer. Under his jurisdiction, he got as many caste certificates made as possible for the beneficiaries at every district he served, especially for the children studying in 1st to 12th standard. Most of these children belong to highly Naxalite-affected blocks of Bastar region, such as Konta, Kuvakonda, Katekalyan etc.

Nandanwar said that under the guidance of the State’s Hon’ble Chief Minister and the Chhattisgarh State Government, not only caste certificates were made with a hassle free procedure, but also were laminated and delivered right to the beneficiary children’s doorsteps. Apparently a simple and routine work, however it becomes a quite painstaking affair for the common people, he said.

IAS Nandanwar states that a series of documents and records as old as 1950 are obligatory, in case a person requires to get his caste certificate made. Therefore, it is difficult for an ordinary student to get this work done in the midst of his studies. However, it is a fact that the Caste Certificate is an essential Document and is greatly helpful in case of jobs, scholarships and admission to educational institutions. In view of the same, “Jati Praman-patra Tuhar Dwar Yojna” was initiated for people’s convenience, especially for the children.

Under this scheme, when the caste certificate of any member of any family is once made, the certificates of all other family members will be made consecutively, in a more convenient manner. This is because the scheme operates through an interlinked procedure where the data is linked, once a certificate is made.
In this way, by providing the caste certificates directly at their doorstep, more than 52,000 families have been saved from having to take the burden of unnecessary rounds of the government offices. In accordance with the concept of Good Governance, the district administration is providing such facilities right at the people’s doorsteps.

Dantewada District Collector IAS Mr. Vinit Nandanwar, reiterates that his efforts shall persist in future as well, and this year he has set a target of getting Caste Certificates made for more than 12,000 children of Dantewada district.
The Tribal Affairs Department, Education Department, Panchayat Department will also support and help in the entire process. Also, with the help of all the departments, the targets are being achieved viably, says IAS Nandanwar.

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