A Mother to the Needy

Shanti Niketan Social Welfare Society
Hundreds of helpless, destitute men line the streets of Delhi,  braving the heat and cold, often rendered immobile due to disease or starvation.  Several are mentally challenged, or are old, sick or infirm and are abandoned as they are a burden on their families.  Some are accident victims, left in an unimaginable condition covered with pus-filled wounds, with flies and worms eating away at their putrefying flesh.
Ancy Johnson is an extraordinary woman, who decided to take on the daunting task of not only rescuing, but also taking over the full responsibility of these hapless souls. She is a single mother with three daughters devoted to the cause of serving the poor and helpless. 
Since 2007, Ancy, single-handedly moves around Delhi rescuing disabled men from the roads and housing and caring for them in a building that she has taken on rent in Chattarpur, Delhi.  For this purpose she has founded Shanti Niketan Social Welfare Society, registered NGO. 
Ancy lovingly tends to the inmate’s wounds and provides basic medical care which very often involves removing maggots from their long-ignored open wounds and cleaning the urine and excreta from their bodies. She cooks, cleans and washes their clothes and provides for all their day to day needs.  She also takes them to the hospital, arranges for consultations and treatment by doctors and even arranges to handle the legal matters of some hit and run victims. The inmates are looked after lovingly till the end of their lives with no monetary or any other expectation from them other than their delighted smiles whenever they see their “Mummy” (as Ancy is lovingly and innocently called).
Ancy lives in the building with 38 male inmates, some of whom are violent, due to their mental illness.  But her courage and determination keep her unfazed despite the most trying of circumstances.
Ancy has no formal sponsorship and relies solely on the generosity of the local community who has supported her till date. She is always cheerful, eternally optimistic and an amazingly humble woman.  She never turns away a needy person even if she is down to her last rupee.  Her firm belief is that “God Will Provide” since her mission of caring for those abandoned by society, is truly “God’s Work”.

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