A lineman turned savior for a village in Nargund Taluk

For this 25-year-old lineman, it was just another task in the line of duty. Manjunath Kumbar, a lineman attached to Hescome section in Konnur village of Nargund taluk, swam through swelling floodwaters of Malaprabha river to turn on art electric transformer to ensure drinking water supply to the village was restored.

The incident that happened on Wednesday came to light on Friday when a video of Kumbar swimming to the transformer went viral.

Release of excess water from Malaprabha reservoir (Naviluteertha dam) into the river had caused flooding in and around Konnur village. As a result, two transformers connected to 11000 KV high tension line had submerged. One of the transformers had to be switched off while another had to be switched on to restore power supply to the pump house which supplies water to the village.

The gram panchayat approached local swimmers who flatly refused to take the risk. When Kumbar got to know of the situation, he did not think twice. He jumped right in and swam to switch on the transformer. Manjunath said he goes for an occasional swim in the river “But that day I had to swim in flood waters risking my life. I had to restore power supply to the pump house so that the village gets water. Two transformers were submerged in 6-8 ft. deep water and I had to swim around 300 meters to reach them,” he explained.

Raghavendra Salamani, O/M, section officer, Hescom, Konnur, said villagers would have been severely inconvenienced if the transformer was not turned on. “We appreciate the courage and commitment of Manjunath, who risked his life to ensure the village does not go without water,” he added.

The story has been extracted from https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hubballi/karnataka-linemans-brave-act-sees-village-has-water-supply/articleshow/94256673.cms

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