A DU student setting an example how to celebrate Diwali !

One who brings happiness to another’s face is an extraordinary person. Shivangi Sharma who hails from Haryana and DU student setting an example how to celebrate diwali. She went orphanage house to celebrate  Diwali with kids and distributed some chips, chocolates, candies.

She wants to do a lots of work for society and nation. She and his friends want to open an NGO for only orphanage and needy people.

She said to Vivek sharma that I’m 21. Everything that is Natural attracts me. I am made by Nature, and I wish to unleash all my love, efforts, strength to it. I love plants. Aren’t they literally like babies? I’ve seen plants grow healthily when I touch them with affection regularly. Similarly, I have a huge place in my heart for babies and elderly. They’re aloof of all the cleverness of this world. Such pure souls.

I wish to spread happiness and strength to fight odds of life.

I aim to work in the social sector only. Because that’s what gives me Peace. Having your finger held by a baby, looking into a dog’s eyes, caressing a Cow’s neck, sitting near a tree, listening to elderly, being someone’s companion…. i wish i don’t die because i never want to stop doing this.

I wish that our Earth becomes a happy place to live in, where all abilities and disabilities are cherished.


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