A daughter of India, making her nation proud by serving people abroad in the COVID-19 pandemic

The aim of an individual in today’s modern world should be one’s responsibility towards the society.”

Inculcating a value of ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) in oneself is the necessity for today’s youth. We as citizens of India, often work for the betterment of our society but have you heard of any person working outside the periphery of India for the betterment of people of that nation in which he/she is pursuing his/her post-graduation? 

This is an inspirational real-life story of a girl who is pursuing her post-graduation in Canada and parallelly serving the people there in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. Krisha Khara, a daughter of Manishbhai and Purviben Khara, from a small town & district Amreli located in the Gujarat State, completed her graduation in “Bachelors in Nursing” from her home town Amreli and chose to pursue her post-graduation in Canada. At present, she is pursuing “Gerontological Nursing” in London, Ontario, Canada and along with her study, she is also serving the residents there in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. 

She works with “Paramed Home Health Care” as a personal support worker. Her duty is to visit clients at their personal home, retirement residence, long term care residence and nursing home. She assists them in their daily activities and assesses their health status. The organization with which she works is a Canadian government-approved agency. She serves as a companion to her clients whenever they are in need of her.

Being far away from home and that also in a critical and fateful situation like COVID-19 and serving the needy ones in a foreign country, is not a cup of everybody’s tea. It requires a lot of guts to think for an act like she is doing at present. She is a person and indeed an example of women empowerment, which is a strong message to this patriarchal society that even women by staying miles away from home can contribute to the betterment of this society. This example makes us believe that women are a symbol of strength and are not the subject to be taken for granted. She is an example of high inspiration for many youths abroad. She is the youth icon for many. The motto behind sharing her story was to motivate all the Indian youths abroad to contribute towards the betterment of society they are living in. The important thing of which care should be taken is following the government norms for personal as well as surrounding people’s safety. Safety measures should be given priority while serving society.

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