17 year old athlete joins Indian Army

A 17-year-old tribal student, Banoth Indu Priya has become a role model for young girls by joining the Army and achieving gold, silver and bronze medals in athletics in the under-20 category.

A first-year BSc student from the Government Women’s Degree College in Khammam, she started running 400, 800 and 1500-metre races in 2018. Her coaches N Kiran Prasad and K Mallaiah noticed her talent when she was studying in class 9 at Kendriya Vidyalaya. They encouraged her parents to get her professional training to hone her athletic abilities. 

She was also selected for the national team in the under-20 category. She participated in a national-level 6 km race held in Assam recently.  Hailing from a small town, Indu Priya’s parents wanted her to choose a sought-after career field but her father Banoth Basha, a small businessman encouraged her in all aspects of life.

“All parents wish their children to settle down in a technical field or other sectors instead of sending them to join the army but we are very proud of our girl who wishes to do service to the nation,” he said.

Indu Priya won a gold medal in the 7th national-level junior athletics championship held in Nalgonda in 2021 in 1500-metre race. She also achieved a gold medal in the 8th Telangana State middle and long-distance athletics in the under-18 age group, held in Khammam district on 3 April 2022 in 800-metre race. 

She also got a silver medal in the Telangana State athletics championship in the under-18 category held at Hanumakonda in June 2022 in the 400-metre run and subsequently in the under-19 category as well in the 1500-metre run. 

She then won a bronze medal in the 9th state-level Federation Cup race in the under-20 age group held in Hanumakonda on 15 and 16 April this year in the 400-metre and got the gold medal in the 800-metre run. Government Women’s Degree College lecturer Potla Krishnaveni said that Indu Priya is a talented student and excels in studies and sports too.

Credits: https://www.newindianexpress.com/good-news/2023/apr/23/17-year-old-tribal-student-from-telangana-joins-indian-army-conquers-world-of-athletics-2568515.html

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